University Tour & Admission Consulting in USA (1)

1️⃣ University of Indianapolis, USA @uindy and @gimme_eng

Thank you, Ms.Kay Gunyon, Director of International Admission and Recruitment, for providing a great opportunity for the Gimme Eng team to explore campus and deliver insight about the admission process as well as specific requirements for Southeast Asian students, especially for Thai students and parents.

2️⃣ Purdue University, USA @lifeatpurdue and @gimme_eng

Thank you, Mr.Danek Torrey, Senior Associate Director, International Office of Admissions, for providing a campus tour for the Gimme Eng team and in-depth information about the admission process, as well as a fully funded scholarship for Southeast Asian students.

3️⃣ Purdue University Northwest, USA @purduenorthwest and @gimme_eng

Thank you, Mr.Ryan M. Hayes, International Admissions and Immigration Services, for providing an in-person campus tour and providing detailed information about admission requirements, including IELTS, etc. Moreover, thank you for educating our Gimme Eng team regarding the scholarship rolling process and specific requirements for Thai students.

4️⃣ DePauw University, USA @depauwu and @gimme_eng

Thank you, Mr. Luffi Jirari, Assistant Vice President for International Enrollment, for providing the Gimme Eng team with a very warm welcome and a brief presentation about your university and campus tour. Thus, your team member provides in-depth information about the admission process and the English test requirements for Southeast Asian students.

5️⃣ Wabash College, USA @wabashcollege and @gimme_eng

Thank you, Mr.Chris Dixon,
Senior Assistant Director of International Admissions, for giving the Gimme Eng team opportunities to explore Wabash College and overview college facilities for undergraduate students. Moreover, provide our team with a run-through of each step of the admissions process and requirements for Southeast Asian students.

Also, thank you for our short meetup in Thailand and providing an opportunity to further discuss the admission process in Thailand as well as the importance of the English test, including IELTS.

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